The development of new technologies, the need to use power in a rational way and to care about the environment in which we live, requires continuous and ongoing product improvement. Inductive components, which seemed obsolete at the onset of the digital era; have had a new lease of life. However, compliance with today’s demanding electronic specifications requires exacting new parameters of engineering and design. Here is a short overview and application of some components manufactured by Feryster:

    1. Air-core coils, made of copper wire of diameters of 0.1 to 2.2 mm of practically any size and shape with applications ranging from low frequency audio coils, through to ID cards, ham radio aerial filters for band-pass filters and selective high frequency filters, CP type. Inductance of 1 nH to 100 mH

    2. Fixed inductance chokes, wound around iron powder cores with an open magnetic circuit, cylinder and spool core shape, used in frequency filters of low to medium kHz, ideal for inductance references, type CSZ , L=10 uH to 1 H

    3. Open magnetic circuit fixed inductance chokes, wound around Ni Zn cores open magnetic circuit, the cylinder, or spool, or cubicoid core shape, available in Through-Hole Technology (THT) and Surface Mount Device SMD versions. Designed for energy accumulation and EMI suppression in the frequency range of low kHz up to MHz. DW , DSZ and DSMD type, L= 1 uH to 500 mH

    4. Closed magnetic circuit chokes, wound around non-linear iron powder toroidal cores with a distributed air gap, displaying a very good ratio of accumulated energy for their size, at saturation flux density above 1T. Optimal operating frequencies are: 1kHz-100kHz, DTP type , L=10uH-10mH

    5. Closed magnetic circuit chokes, wound around MSS toroidal cores made of special metal powders with a distributed air gap, at saturation flux density above 1T. Optimal operating frequencies are: 100 kHz - 1 MHz. DTMSS type, L=1uH-1mH. Power loss is 10 times less than for DTP type cores .

    6. Double wound Current-compensated chokes, wound around high permeability Mn Zn cores with closed magnetic circuit, inductance within 100uH-100mH, interference suppression within a frequency range of 1 kHz-500kHz, DUS , DTS , DES , DEQS types.

    7. Proximity sensors, electromagnet coils, measurement transformers, branch joints, hybrid coils, signal separators, auto-transformers for buzzers, THT and SMD EMI-suppression beads on wire, cable shields help complete our comprehensive product range. In addition, a wide range of plates, casings and bobbins are available and in stock for any of the aforementioned components.

    8. Feryster only use the finest state of the art components in their manufacturing processes: SMPS transformers are used in all configurations of switching-mode power supplies as well as in applications such as separation or wide-band transformers. Extremely low power loss Mn Zn cores are used in the design of pulse transformers, optimally matching the core type to specific applications and operating frequencies. Power transmission ranges from 1watt to 1 kW. We manufacture transformers using toroidal cores or other shapes, such as: EE, EFD, ETD, RM cores. A wide range of bobbins are held for each type of core, each comprising an array of pin patterns and size. For each type of core we have suitable components in stock, enabling core pairing of practically any air gap size. We always offer an optimal circuit solution at a reasonable price based on experience. In addition, we do not charge any additional fees for our switching-mode power supplies designs which provide our client with our entire set of inductive components. During the manufacturing process we use enamel insulated or cotton insulated wire, twisted wires, litz wires or special triple insulated wires of diameters of 0.1 to 0.6mm, enabling us to build very low power transformers where due to their miniature size it is not possible to use the usual safety margins, whilst it is still necessary to maintain high resistance to electric breakdown. Special glues are used for core mating , these glues are resistant to above normal mechanical force and high temperatures.

     If required, we offer magnetic shields in addition to vacuum impregnation. Feryster components are highly successful in many electronic fields; both as EMC components - and as components of power supply systems within the telecommunication, military technology, mining, automation and metrology industries.



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